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IMMEDIA in collaboration with Pro Helvetia are proud to present SANCTUM SANCTORIUM in Concert for the 30th Anniversary of IMMEDIA.

Sanctum Sanctorium is a unique blend of African non-vocal singing, classical music and jazz. After the Mama Jazz festival last April, the fans will once again be delighted with a global jazz experience at the Audi Zentrum in Réduit on 1st July 2017!

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The Sanctum Sanctorium has been formed by 4 great musicians. Tumi Mogorosi, the drummer and Gabisile Motuba, the vocalist are both award-winning artists from South Africa and the composers of the album; while Malcolm Braff, from Switzerland, is a world-recognised pianist, and Sebastien Schuster, from Germany is a bass player conferred with the most prestigious German Jazz Prize in 2017.

Malcom Braff – pianist

Born in 1970, Malcolm Braff is a jazz pianist who began playing at the age of 5. Initially studying classical music in Geneva, once he discovered jazz at a Montreux concert in 1989, he interrupted his studies and enrolled in a jazz school. He has developed his own playing style over the years which include a mixture of rhythms, pulsation and improvisation.

Besides being noticed for his ‘Bengali-hermit’ hair, Malcom has over 20 records which have earned him applauses and ovations on the world stage. With his passionate love for jazz as a guiding light, Malcolm has a yearning for obstructed liberties, evenings spent searching for notes within the notes, hammering on an old piano, followed by weeks writing a multi-faceted homage to Ligeti for a chamber orchestra.

Ever since he started, Malcolm has wanted to collaborate with other artists and performers; be it with the most insignificant beginner or the greatest legend.

Sebastien Schuster – bass player

Sebastian began taking piano lessons at the age of 6 and double bass lessons at the age of 14. Over the years, he participated in “JugendMusiziert”, the only German national music competition for youth under 18, won several prizes and thereby, became a member of the “Bundesjugendorchester,” the prestigious national youth orchestra of Germany. In 2003, he began his studies at the University of Music in Stuttgart for classical and jazz double bass and jazz piano. Later in 2009, Sebastian and his jazz duo “KleinerDerrique” advanced to the final round of the prestigious European Guitar Awards in Dresden, Germany.

He then attended the international music festival, “Aigues-Vives en Musiques” as a guest lecturer & bassist and went on a concert to South Africa sponsored by Stuttgart University with three other selected students. Once there he also got the opportunity to lead jazz workshops and give performances at multiple high schools; he has been a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholar, since 2012, which allowed him to study in South Africa for 1 year with the well-known bass player “Hein van de Geyn”.

Once back home in Germany, Sebastian started his own project “SebaKaapstad”, which successfully toured several international festivals. In 2017 Sebastien Schuster was conferred with “Landesjazzpreis Baden Württemberg” the most prestigious German Jazz Prizes.

Tumi Mogorosi – drummer

2014 SAMA award nominee, Tumi Mogorosi, born in 1987, is increasingly building a reputation in the South African jazz scene among the new crop of young jazz musicians and activists. He has had the chance to improve and learn alongside prominent South African jazz musicians, like trumpeter Feya Faku, saxophonist Zim Ngqawana, bassist Herbie Tsoaeli as well as pianist Andile Yenana, to name a few.

Tumi Mogorosi has also undertaken another project which is an Academic Research paper on Oral Literature at the University of Beyreuth. This consequentially led him to present multiple seminars and talks in Europe and South Africa. His passion lives loudly in the dissemination and validation of the African contribution to the world of knowledge.

Tumi Mogorosi’s debut album, Project Elo, released in 2014, has won him numerous prestigious awards including the 2014 Standard Bank Ovation Award, The Mail and Guardian Jazz Album of the year, and a SAMA award nomination. In late 2015, he recorded a duet album with South African pianist, Pule Pheto and another duo album (Sanctum Sanctorium) with female vocalist Gabi Motuba.

Gabisile Motuba- vocals

Gabisile Motuba, also known as Gabi Motuba, is a 24 year-old jazz vocalist who became aware of the notion of music in primary school (Arcadia) where she began to discover her vocal abilities. During her formal studies at the Pretoria High School for Girls, she was exposed to many singing competitions which would influence her to making music a professional career choice. Later on, her university became a place for her to explore her passion and musical taste.

After completing her studies, Gabi formed a band called THE TRIP, with prominent jazz musicians based in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and was also the singer and songwriter of the renowned album ‘Project Elo’, by drummer Tumi Mogorosi.

The latest projects which Gabi Motuba has embarked on are – her debut album Sanctum Sanctorium, which she has co-composed with drummer, Tumi Mogorosi in late 2015 and is a collaboration between South African and Switzerland. She is also working on a sonic interpretation with Tumi based on the book The Wretched of The Earth, by Fantz Fanon simply called The Wretched.

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