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For its 10th birthday, Event Creators brings to its public ‘Rewind 80’s/ 90’s – Back to School’, on Saturday 6 May.

In the previous editions of Rewind, going back to the 80’s has been bringing together fans from different generations. It is a local event mainly for Mauritians of 30-45 years old, with DJs and music of particular tastes and each time with a theme different from the last.

Additional Info - Rewind 80’s/90’s Only

Behind this whole annual event, there is an amazing trio at the head of Event Creators: Patrice D’Avrincourt, Francois Li and Ben Javed. Being great fans of the 80’s and 90’s music themselves, they bring to you once again Rewind, but this time at L’Aventure du Sucre, at Pamplemousses.

Everything goes back to 2011 when the adventure started- the idea at the beginning was really to just organize a small party between friends. But then, from word-of-mouth, 50 invitations turned into 400 entry requests!

And since then, families have been meeting up to dance and sing to the songs of Queen, Téléphone, Eurythmics, Police, A-Ha or Black Box.

For a large number of Rewinders, this event is like a meeting and for the organisers, this event is an annual point of fun.

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L’Aventure Du Sucre