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“MAMA JAZ se enn manifestasion lamizik ki spesializ li dan Jaz. MAMA JAZ konpran konser peyan ek gratwi, sesion lamizik eletronik peyan ek gratwi, latelie.”

MAMA JAZ – A music festival centered on Jazz !

For its second edition, from April 1 to May 1, 2017, Mauritius will host in 10 places the 53 activities of this adventure with 70 international and Mauritian artists; 16 workshops; 36 sessions of music (13 paying and 23 free), and a forum.

MAMA JAZ’s vision is based on the values of International Jazz Day – April 30, established by UNESCO in 2012, and extended to the policy of the month of Jazz appreciation in North America while remaining faithful to May 1st and its resonance in Mauritius.

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10 large indoor concerts, on Saturdays and Sundays from April 8 to 9.30 pm, in the Francis Thomé auditorium of the Conservatoire National de Musique François-Mitterrand and Night Cases, night concert, and Nepetalakton, celebrating The International Jazz Day; Without forgetting free and open Sundays on the beach of the Villas Caroline in Flic en Flac, specifying April 30th when the peninsula of sand will come alive at dawn to culminate at midnight.

Gavin Poonoosamy, co-founder, with the collaboration of the CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL, DAMOO, DB VISION, MAK ACOUSTICS, VILLAS CAROLINE and IMMEDIA, wishes to perpetuate this event which is above all a platform for transmission and exchange of music; providing a forum where the various players in the sector can express themselves, practice and rise on a professional and international level while staying close to the public remains his objective.

It should be noted that MAMA JAZ is one of the few festivals organized over a month in the world and is held as the only event of this scale specialized in Jazz in the Southern Hemisphere!


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