About - Laurent Gerra

‘My name is Laurent, I am 5 years old and I will show you my impressions.’

This sentence proudly said in 1972 by a little boy in the microphone of his parents gives purpose to the new show of Laurent Gerra.

Laurent Gerra is an imitator, comedian and screenwriter.

‘SANS MODERATION’ is a comedic show with joy and other emotions. The comedian will be on stage on the 4th November 2017 at SVICC, Pailles for a great show –definitely meant to be enjoyed without moderation!

Additional Info - Laurent Gerra

Laurent Gerra focuses his shows on politicians, singers, actors and personalities who are making headlines. Thanks to several radio and television shows, he became widely renowned and appreciated as a comedian by the French public.

Laurent Gerra started imitating big stars as early ashis school days. At the age of 22, he made an appearance for the first time in a show called ‘Paf dans ta gueule’ at the Café – Théâtre L’Accessoire, in Lyon. He also made his debut on the radio show of Laurent Ruquier on France Inter, called ‘Rien à Cirer’ and hosted the show of Jacques Martin called ‘Ainsi font font font’ and ‘Studio Gabriel’ of Michel Drucker, among others.

He revisits some of his most successful sketches with his favourite targets as he presents his unprecedented vision of current and political events, with presidential twists and turns.

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