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Gus the manipulator, accompanied by Fred Razon, the most famous pickpocket in France – two magicians who featured on the show Diversion which was a success on the TF1 channel, will be accompanied by two other friends – also masters in the art of conjuring: Alistair Kent, the pioneer of iPad magic, and Clement Naslin, who has never been short of words when it comes to make others laugh.

Just 4 Magic – it is a mind blowing illusion show that we will get the chance to enjoy on the 1st of April at the J&J Auditorium.

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It is no longer about rabbits coming out of hats or a body cut into pieces or even less of costumes turning multicoloured by one stroke of a magic wand. It is simply magic from out of this world. The four artists bring in different elements that contribute to the individuality of their image:
• Gus is known to have an amazing talent, which is the art of illusion, specialising in close-up magic.
• Fred Razon, the most famous pickpocket in France, is known for his dexterity and his savoir – faire. He often performs in company conferences, on television sets and on stages around the world.
• Even if he does not have the powers of Superman, though he has the name, Alistair Kent is known as the pioneer of digital magic in France, a science that he masters to perfection
• Clément Naslin is more of a humourous magician, with hilarious conjuring tricks.
Targeting a public of 7 to 77 years old, this is the family event of the year.
A unique entertainment, “which is generous, interactive, complicit and festive, with a sequence of numbers of all kinds, solo, duo, trio or quartet”, said Clement Naslin, author and director.
Just 4 Magic, an unprecedented creation of this group of friends, is tailor-made for the Mauritians, as much in the dialogues as in the tricks that will be presented.

The quartet is eager to meet its audience and has in store a bunch of surprises and emotions.

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