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The album which gave some virtue to French rap returns on stage. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘L’Ecole Du Micro d’Argent’, the classic of the hip-hop classics, IAM proposes a legendary tour which will start with Mauritius, for the 15th birthday of Radio1, on the Saturday 14th October at 9pm at Domaine de Gros Cailloux.

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IAM is a group of French rappers, from Marseilles, in Bouches-du-Rhône. Founded in 1989, the members are Akhenaton (Philippe Fragione) and Shurik’n (Geoffroy Mussard) on vocals; Kheops (Éric Mazel), Imhotep (Pascal Perez), Kephren (François Mendy) (Malek Brahimi) on turnables, and formerly, Freeman (Malek Brahimi).
The group published its first studio album ‘…de la planete Mars’ in 1991, which reached a great public and benefitted from a wide media coverage, and also, made few appearances in the French TV show ‘Rap Line’ (whose theme song was composed by the group itself few months before). The group published its second album Ombre est lumiere, in 1993, which helped them gain even more recognition. The latter was followed by a third one called L’École du micro d’argent, published in 1997, which won two prizes at Victoires de la Musique and is a certified diamond disc.
Soon after IAM disclosed their strong desire about bringing up once again the legendary album « L’Ecole Du Micro d’Argent » for an amazing concert, on Friday 24th November 2017 at l’Accor Hôtels Aréna; it was already sold out. Even more enthusiast and eager to celebrate this anniversary with an even greater public, the group then announced Mauritius as part of their tour in the fall of 2017. « Demain C’est Loin », « La Saga », « Petit Frère », « Nés Sous La Même Etoile » : it is time to go back to School, that of rhyme and of excellence.

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Domaine Gros Cailloux