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It is with immense pleasure that Keglers Entertainment brings to you a group of extraordinary magicians for an amazing, magical show – definitely different from those we had in the past!

You can expect more than magic, illusions and hypnosis; they will also showcase their singing, dancing and mimicking skills.

These two shows are especially great for a family or group night out.

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Saturday Jun 10 8:00 pm

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‘Funtastic Family Entertainment’ is an unprecedented show, with a line-up of 7 amazing artists. With their mind-blowing conjuring skills and various talents, they will take the breath of the public away. In addition to the magic show and the illusion-bound stage, the audience will also be able to appreciate the talents of the two assistants, who are professional dancers as well.

Tushar Kumar – Illusionist, mentalist and anchor.

He started performing magic at the age of 4. He is the son of the highly-acclaimed illusionist, Raj Kumar (director of an entertainment group) and is a chief trainer at the Delhi School of Magic. He performs on Zee TV- AajTak, Star and Pogo and was awarded first prize by the chief Minister of Kerala, Shri Omen Chendy ji, at the ‘All India Senior Magic Competition’ in August 2012.

Manoj Malik – Anchor, magician and performer.

He is known for his dove act where white doves are used; the doves appear, disappear and even change colour. This act leaves the audience spellbound. In addition to performing magic in a spectacular manner, he is also good at mimicry.

Mohit Kapoor – Magician and performer.

He has performed his amazing umbrella act in Doordarshan and internationally. He is a performer, manipulator and closeup magician.

Rishi Kumar – Music director and technical assistant.

He takes care of the background music of all shows. He will also be in charge of the large, magical props and will work as the main assistant in the rocket-astronaut scene.

Shahrukh Khan – Traditional Indian magician.

His forefathers used to perform in kingdoms. He will perform a very ethnic, traditional style of magic including an act where he will lay down on stage and levitate himself. He will also assist on-stage and off-stage.

Aastha Chauhan – Professional Dancer and assistant.

One of the top Bharatnatyam dancers. She will be a traditional dancer in a magical act and will act as an assistant afterwards.

Akansha Chauhan – Professional Dancer and assistant.

One of the top Bharatnatyam dancers and winners of the prestigious Bal Shree award, honoured by the President of India. She will also part of the magical dance act and thereafter work as an assistant in all illusions with Tushar and team.

Special tariffs for kids !

VIP – Rs1000
PREMIUM – Rs 750
GOLD – Rs 600
SILVER – Rs 500
BRONZE – Rs 400

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