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After the amazing success of “Bharati: Once Upon a Time in India”, which whisked away more than 2.5 million people across the world, the most awaited Bollywood musical-comedy is back again!

Don’t miss the spectacular dance show, “Bharati 2: In the Palace of Illusions”– an enchanting adventure in India through its colours, sounds and of course, Bollywood.

Bharati 2 is truly an oriental theatrical experience with unique choreography and upbeat Indian rhythms.

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Saturday Jul 1 2:00 Pm
Saturday Jul 1 8:00 Pm

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Epic mythology, history and tales are traditionally told by singing and dancing in the Indian culture. This story is a fairy tale told through song and dance which many of us can relate to with themes about love, fraternity, friendship, deception, pride and even black magic.

It tells the story of two Indian sisters who have been living in France since their childhood and make their way to India. Bharati, the elder sister, was born in India and is depicted as a typical young, conservative Indian woman. The younger sister, Neelam on the other hand is more modern, open-minded and was born in France. Bharati decides to take her little sister, Neelam, to India, in order to make her discover their country of origin. They explore their country full of secrets and their lives are changed forever because as seen in the Palace of Illusions nothing is what it seems.

Brace yourself to be overwhelmed by graceful, beautiful, and energetic dancers offering the sensuality and sincerity of Indian traditional and classical choreography, combined with the tempo and force of contemporary dance movements. Get carried away and hypnotised by the beats of exotic and exquisite rhythms, played live by master instrumentalists.

This extravagant performance of lights, colours, music and dance is not to be missed!

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