About Us – The story of Otayo

Founded in 2004, Otayo celebrates 12 successful years in Mauritius, catering for over 1000 events.

Primarily specialised in the marketing of events and selling of tickets for an array of events (festivals, sport events, trade shows, conferences, fashion shows, product launches, entertainment among others), Otayo’s has quickly became the exclusive reference point for culture in Mauritius, where one is surely to find all the best events on the island.

Over the years, Otayo has kept innovating the local ticketing sector, introducing the newest technologies, as well as expanding the list of services offered to its partner.

Today, Otayo is not only the most well-known brand name in Mauritius when considering culture, concerts, theatre and ticketing in general, it is also the ultimate partner for any event producer.

With a vast market knowledge and experience in the field of event management and ticketing, Otayo brings its services to turn any event into a huge success.

Otayo is where excellence, innovation, dedication to the customers and hard work, all merge together for delivering best results.

Otayo Highlights

  • The No. 1 ticketing service in Mauritius
  • 12 years of experience in Event promotion, production and Consultation
  • The largest Event promoting network on the island, reaching 400,000 locals!
  • 10 points of sale across the country
  • The most professional, dedicated event coordination team on the Island


Mission Values

At Otayo we take pride in leading the local ticketing and event coordination sector for over 12 years, doing so through a lot of hard work, innovation and dedication to our customers. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, the in-depth experience of the local industry, our comprehensive suite of services and our innovative technologies, Otayo is ready to meet the service needs for any event, while providing the largest list of key services tailored especially for both producers and customers alike.

Otayo Mission:

  • Promoting Culture in Mauritius
  • Innovating the Ticketing Sector, through technology integration
  • Providing complete range of services to Event producers
  • Delivering the best possible services to our customers and partners

Otayo Services:

From its core Ticket Selling activities, to providing Expert Consultation or complete event planning from start to finish, Otayo is your ideal partner for any event in Mauritius.

The services provided by Otayo includes:

  • Ticket Selling
  • Communication, Marketing Advertising of Events
  • Event Management & Coordination
  • Technical Support Services

Otayo’s Customers Testimonials:

“Otayo delivered the highest professional level from start to finish helping me in all steps of the way to reach new goals in promoting our last concert”

“All 13,000 tickets to our biggest event were sold exclusively by Otayo so quickly – thank you for the amazing work and support”